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Spider-man is  one of my favorite super heroes. He is a teenage boy with spider-like powers and uses them for good. He appeared in the second trailer of Captain America Civil War at the end, when he grabs Captain America’s shield. He will also come in the new movie which is coming on July 7, 2017 as “Spider-Man Homecoming” as shown above. It is titled “homecoming” since he is coming back to the Marvel Universe, possibly as an Avenger which he was in the comics.

But if you would like, click the link down below so you could see a brand new clip featuring a chase scene with Black Panther but within an Audi advertisement, it’s amazing… 

Audi “The Chase” – Captain America: Civil War

Enjoy this clip!

The Doctor Strange Teaser Trailer 

This is one of the scenes from the Doctor Strange Teaser Trailer. The story is about a sorcerer using his powers for good. If you want to see this trailer, click the link below, it’s amazing..

Marvel’s Doctor Strange Teaser Trailer                                                                                                       Enjoy!


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