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That was what he said. This was what I heard




One day, alone in the kitchen with my father, I let drop a few whines about the job. I gave him details, examples of what troubled me, yet although he listened intently, I saw no sympathy in his eyes. No “Oh, you poor little thing.” Perhaps he understood that what I wanted was a solution […]

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How to learn to ignore what does not make me happy



Olá pessoal!! Pense nesta pergunta por alguns instantes: O que faz você realmente feliz? Pode ser que você se surpreenda, mas há quem chegue no limite da sua vida pessoal e não se lembre o que é isso chamado de felicidade. É um risco muito alto. Às vezes não nos atrevemos, outras, tememos ferir outras […]

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A claim on Assuming you know what is yours As if you were born And die with its source Are you a pharaoh?

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New Tag



Hello everyone! Today I have a new tag that I found floating around internet. I thought it’s really interesting and a fun read. As I’m mainly beauty blogger I decided to do it, so let’s start with all of the questions. I’m excited! I already did so many tags on blog, so in case you […]

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Challenge Ourselves To Be Better



#Struggle = #character in #fiction + in our own #life. #WednesdayWisdom #amwriting #motivation #writing #blog

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The American Dream



Documentary Photographer David Katzenstein is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this documentary photography. These images are from his ongoing project ‘Radiant Excess: Inside Bronx Bodegas”. To see David’s collections and projects click on any image. From the outside, it looks like a nothing-special corner grocery store. But […]

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