Fix Away Your Pain



Written by Jacob Ibrag ‘I’ll fix away your pain,’ he whispered. ‘Leave it where it is, the only reason you’re with me is because of how broken I am.’ Photographer Unknown

via Pain — Eyes Words

Just Make It STOP



Commotion. Upstairs. Comey. Russia. Fake News. Senate investigations. ObamaCare. Republicans, Democrats (Rodney: Can’t we just get along?) Hearings. More Hearings. More hearings. Trump. Leaks. Lies. Spin. Frenzy. Russians. Spies. Kushner. Back channels. Flynn. Covfefe. NATO. Kabul suicide blast, 90 dead, 400 wounded, Afghan capital mourns, anger swirls. Hate. Portland Train stabbings. Climate change. North Korea. […]

via Walking Cross-Town. Just make it stop. — Live

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