Challenge Ourselves To Be Better


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ART AND BEAUTY IMAGES FOR YOU Cities ( 10 ) Wellington, Nouvelle-Zélande Wellington is the capital of New Zealand since 1875 and the third most populous city in the country (204,000 inhabitants in 2013). It is located at the southern end of the North Island, in the Wellington area, in the center […]

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The Passion of Joan of Arc



“As the sun went down Joan’s heart was sunk in the river, the heart which from that time became the heart of France, just as she herself was the incarnation of the eternal France.” — Final subtitles from the silent film “The Passion of Joan of Arc“, 1928, director Carl Theodor Dreyer, 50 Greatest Films […]

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Scarecrow Contemplates Pi At the moment you snipped away my reticence, I spoke so eloquently that even the stones wept at your indifference. As you arranged my pose and buttoned the shirt around the wire and fodder replenishing my torso, I understood your roots and mine should never merge: transcendental, and in collusion with the […]

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