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🇺🇸 Kurt Hugo Songs Movin’ On Up   🔊

I want to add Kurt Hugo Schneider because he has very nice songs like Movin’ On Up. if you want to see this songs, click the link below

🇺🇸 Movin On Up Video HD       🐘  🔊

Enjoy the song!

🇺🇸  Rosanna Pansino Video   🔊

I love Rosanna Pansino because she is very funny. She also has a very cute puppy named Cookie and has a sister named Mo. From this link, you will get to see in one of her videos, the introduction of Cookie. 

🇺🇸 MEET COOKIE Video   🔊

Enjoy the video!

🇺🇸 Pass It On – COKE BOTTLE SONG   🔊

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Today, I was a mom – and that was enough. Today, nothing was checked off my “to-do” list. We stayed in pajamas and let the kitchen linger with dirty dishes. We played in this room, and in that room. We played in the front yard, and in the backyard. We didn’t race around on errands…

via Today, I Was Enough — The Huffington Post | The Full Feed

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